Life’s a mortgage and then you…

    On this blog there have been a handful of running themes which have closely resembled the lives of those of us who contribute(d). One of these themes has been the apparent,… Continue reading

Some audio stuffs

Christmas is great for a number of things:  the increasingly rare free time you get with family and friends, the chilling cold that gives way to the will of the artificial fireplace, and… Continue reading

It’s Taxing

  Those who know me personally, or who follow my torrent of verbal diarrhoea on twitter, are probably extremely used to the line of argument I will be presenting in this piece. In… Continue reading

Food Chain

  The world has morphed. Where once Attenborough’s exploits zoomed in on the scale of the planet, today we pay more mind to his fatherly tones and the Hi-def resolution of the Beeb’s… Continue reading

The Art of Objectivity – Is Anything better than Anything?

  In prior posts I have touched briefly on the shifting shape of modern media criticism. The shift from typewrites to QWERTY has globalised debates, discussions and revisionism of media forms. Music, film,… Continue reading

This one’s about graduates again

  The majority of University related or Graduate guides – no offence to the writers – are largely composed of unhelpful, carbon-copy waffle that sends readers back to student oriented forums. This thorny… Continue reading

Conference Call

  Fall is closing in and after a summer recess government has reconvened. Kicking everything off, the Party Conference has been a stable of British politics for close to a century; it is… Continue reading


After a summer of loathing, the coalition is attempting, after a cabinet reshuffle, to re-align and reinforce their bonds. A political no brainer seeing as we are still far away enough from the… Continue reading

God Save Mr Ibsen Aged 55 Of North London

An archaeological dig in Leicester is reputed to have uncovered the centuries old remains of the evil King, Richard III. Experts say that the skeletal skeleton shows key clues as to its identity;… Continue reading

Singing Down The Government

Singing Down the Government (or, The War of Position and How We’re Winning it) by Thee Faction  is a 12 point plan to destroy capitalism: the new album consists of 12 songs; 12 tracks… Continue reading