Selfless Struggle 24th Nov 2011

The graduate life, as innumerable whiny degree holders will tell you, is a thorny, uphill bed of scree that has no qualms with planting you face first into the dirt. The political and… Continue reading

This weeks news briefly 23/11..

The current joint value of the Spanish and Italian economies… These are now full, please fuck off.. Socialists annoyed the Egyptians are so much better than them at revolutions.. Everyone felt sorry for Milly… Continue reading

‘Put Some Lipstick On At Least Your Lies Will Be Pretty’ – Politics and Image

Vanity and Image are integral to the ‘make-up’ of modern day politics. To succeed one must walk the walk and talk the talk. As fashion designer Ben Sherman said ‘looking good isn’t important;… Continue reading

Four Three Free – The Arab League Round-Up

As Glen Jonson’s jinking run and finish gave Liverpool an excellent away win against the faltering Chelsea, the FA Premier League braced itself for an exciting winter period, with no less than 7… Continue reading

Skynet is upon us

Those of you who might well deem yourself “cultured” will have been aware of the swirling faecal storm which has muddied the planet’s collective vision and has nearly everyone blindly groping an uncertain… Continue reading

The Joys Of Twitter

Some nine months ago my iron defences aged, my resistance to friends’ badgering fell and I became a member of the “twitterverse” (as some cool cats affectionately describe it, not me though). The… Continue reading

‘Who Runs the World – Girls’

That beautiful, quaint little ditty by a certain female the tabloid press love to loathe, and seem to love to love, in disparagingly equal measures. That now infamous parable of our time, in… Continue reading

Banana Skins On The Pitch

‘Racism is the new black’ quipped Bob Mortimer on the now (disgracefully) defunct Shooting Stars earlier this year. And how right he was. November’s press has been dominated by the ‘resurgence’ of racial… Continue reading