Singing Down The Government

Singing Down the Government (or, The War of Position and How We’re Winning it) by Thee Faction  is a 12 point plan to destroy capitalism: the new album consists of 12 songs; 12 tracks of vital polemic. Kassandra Krossing explains how it goes, and which lines you’ll be singing when the great day comes

1. Let’s Have a Meetin’

The comrades at Union News liked this song so much they made us a video for it. Here it is… Meeting

The revolution isn’t going to organise itself, but sitting there ranting on Facebook is no way to bring about change. In this opening track, we explain how you need to get the guild together, make an agenda, sit down, and make a plan.

Don’t sit at work with the face of Buster Keaton – I’ll arrange the seating – babe, let’s have a meetin’

 2. Soapbox

Currently single of the week on Amazing radio, with a free download available from here until Sunday.

Get on your soapbox, and warn others of the dangers of being a Liberal. As GDH Cole taught us: don’t just take hold of the brake, assume control of the steering wheel.

Did Liberal individualism get in the way – Breaking your spirit, taking your class consciousness away?

3. (Don’t Call on Rock ‘n’ Roll) Call on G.D.H. Cole

Don’t buy into the capitalist lie of rock ‘n’ roll: the markets thrive on the sales of your ‘rebel’ heroes, their musical protests remodelled by the Man and sold back to you all polished up and sexy. Be clear: Guild Socialism is way cooler than punks selling butter.

If you wanna end the injustice and the hurt,  You gotta do better than a Ramones t-shirt. It’s just a t-shirt.

 4. The Sausage Machine

This song is essentially a violent attack on Mumford and Sons, and their ilk: the Rock Camerons. If you’re posh and want to do art, you’ve got to consciously choose a side. Don’t parody the working class while spreading your bourgeois disease. Art is a hammer, not a mirror, and if music’s about making the rich richer, it’s shit music.

You’ll never be clean of the sausage machine – While you preen in jeans about how mean your girlfriend’s been  – You should be bringing down the government one song at a time

 5. What the Movement’s Done for You, Baby

Read your history, learn from it, and make everything you count towards us winning the class war. This one went down a storm when we played the Tolpuddle festival this summer.

Trim the advantage, don’t feel abandoned – Remember your Grandad, don’t take us for granted!

6. Who Benefits

Sung by Richard Archer off of that Hard Fi.

This song offers a methodology for analysing the news. Whatever happens out there, if you want to work out why it’s happening, ask yourself ‘who benefits’?

When a war breaks out  We bomb the bad guys  Another one breaks out And we simply stand by

7. Responsible

Featuring guest rapper, Clencha.

Recognise that in Bullingdon Britain we’re in a battle, so take responsibility for arming yourself against them: it’s only class war if we fight back.

Here’s their glorious opportunity to attack you and me and the BBC – Hands off the BBC!

 8. Fun to Agitate

This one’s a favourite of Gideon Coe – you might have heard it on his BBC6 show.

Socialism ain’t sour. They’ve got the uniforms and the flashy packaging: we’ve got the best songs, the funniest jokes, the most energy. Smile while you fight.

You’ve either got an analysis – Or you ain’t

 9. Singing Down the Government

On all our albums there’s one song with Kassandra Krossing on lead vocals, and this is that one. As the title suggests, this is a pop song to destroy capitalism. Sometimes it’s the softer strokes which have the most impact.

We gotta be as clever as they were once …

10. The Kids

This was written for us by Pagan Wanderer Lu. Capitalists are not your friends – they are fighting against you.

Screw it up today, the kids will pay – A few bad apples help them obfuscate 

11. Tired of Capital

Listen out for the trombone solo on this one – tasty. Although the war of position covers all aspects of culture, but when push comes to shove you’ve got to understand the economics, and take the battle there. One solution: revolution.

Tired of bourgeois need Tired of the middle classes Tired of libertarians Tired of your laissez faire

12. Union Man/Proletarian man

A classic Thee Faction floor-filler, revamped for 2012 with the addition of Brass Kapital’s righteous horns, supporting vocals from a number one selling female singer (who prefers to remain anonymous), and a total face-melter of a guitar solo from Nylons.

We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Start with something simple: join your trade’s union.

Brothers and sisters looked out for me, Paid my rent when I had my injury

Don’t let the man victimise us, Don’t let the right-wing press demonise us



The album will be released 20th April, but you can pre-order yours here… 

Join Thee Faction for the album launch 18th October at the Half Moon Putney, when they’ll be joined by Attila the Stockbroker and Wojtek Godzisz (of Stereolab).

Twitter – @theefaction