God Save Mr Ibsen Aged 55 Of North London

An archaeological dig in Leicester is reputed to have uncovered the centuries old remains of the evil King, Richard III.

Experts say that the skeletal skeleton shows key clues as to its identity; the legendary hunchback and war wounds amongst others (it is believed Richard’s mother had also sewed his name into his spine).

Scientists are now looking to Mr Michael Ibsen, 55, a blood relative of the dead monarch, to provide a DNA sample so as to prove the King’s identity.

This has led to strong rumours that Mr Ibsen, a North London based Carpenter, will lay claim to the throne which was so harshly denied to him at The Battle Of Bosworth in 1485.

Immediately after a DNA swab Mr Ibsen was seen catching a Ferry to Normandy in an attempt to rally some support as he looks to overthrow the Windsors.

 So far his plans have been largely met with scepticism; although a French Magazine has offered to ‘see what we can do’.