Brest Is Best

In 1795 there wasn’t a lot for Vicars to do. So much so that the good English Reverand Samuell Henshall spent his days inventing things. No, he didn’t simply write The Bible. He… Continue reading

”We live in a World where music is a popularity contest…What’s real about that?”

Pete MacLeod has been knocking on the door for some time now. The Scottish singer/songwriter – who has supported the likes of Ocean Colour Scene – has come a long way over the years, and… Continue reading

Blowing Money Fast

Around a month ago a video went viral worldwide; it prodded the heartstrings and provoked a great deal of discussion. The video was leant its emotional strength by the presence of a villain… Continue reading

Marry Me Jess?

Summertime is here and there is nothing I like more than nurturing my Pogonias. They’re prize winning you know. My lovely little lilac lovelys. Last summer I spent hours upon hours with them.… Continue reading

What Is Easter, Anyway?

‘It’s Easssssssttttttteeeeeeerrrrrr!’ as Noddy Holder once famously proclaimed as he sat alone in his room full of hats combing his sideburns and crying (his wife left him after his penchant for promoting his… Continue reading

I’m Overweight: Who Gives A Toss?

‘Step away from the biscuit Lauren Goodger; put the Lion Bar down. Yes that goes for Toffee Crisps too. Well it’s the same thing isn’t it? Basically yeah… No I don’t know why… Continue reading

Feel Good Statues

Now everyone loves a good statue don’t they? There’s literally hundred of them standing chirpily around London Town, from Beau Brummell and Bobby Moore to the undeserving likes of Laurence Olivier and (loads… Continue reading

Empathy For The Wealthy

  Over the past week Osborne – George that is not Norman – slowly, proudly crept from his lair, 11 Downing Street. In his hand he held aloft a red briefcase as like… Continue reading

April Showers

The Venus Fly Trap was originally known, more simply, as The Fly Trap. But following financial hardship in the early 1990s The Fly Trap was forced to secure a lucrative sponsorship deal with… Continue reading

Review: Richard Herring, “What is Love, Anyway?”

Greeted by the free programme as one takes their seat, a swathe of love-tinged songs (from Pulp’s “Something Changed”, to “The Look of Love” by Dusty Springfield) surround the bustling London crowd eagerly… Continue reading