The Tears Of A Reactionary Clown

Picture the scene – a mid-shift soiree around the ‘Xmas’ Overtime book at work. Myself and an audience of one are merely looking out of boredom. Me: Surname Etymology is well interesting though…… Continue reading

A Billion Balconies Facing The Sun

I am addicted to the Facebook. I make sometimes several statuses a day. I take it to heart when people don’t ‘like’ them. I don’t know why and I am slightly ashamed. I’m… Continue reading

Vicarious Virtues: The Kate Moss’ Cereal Theory

As a son within a largely traditional African home there are certain cultural pillars that must be upheld. All my African readers will likely be enduring visions of various, and quite creative punishments… Continue reading

Do They Care It’s Christmas?

I love Christmas songs. Not only do they provide the only chance for one to legitimately listen to Gary Glitter in public, but they genuinely fill me with Christmas cheer. I was even… Continue reading

Hip-Hop: An Introduction (part one of an indeterminate amount)

I have felt compelled to speak on institutional racism, its relation to music and the way music is received for a while; this is not a blog on that. I have far more… Continue reading

John Motson’s Social Commentary

Ideas are not my strong point. The Bacon Alarm Clock had already been done better than I could have (and indeed did) imagine, my designs for human wings were strictly grotesque (skin flaps) and my… Continue reading

Who Killed The Zeitgeist?

I killed the Zeitgeist, Switched off all the lights; Glazed like aching snow, All metaphors for love’ After the troubles of the seventies Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative Government rode into office like The Man… Continue reading

Education, Education, Education…Where’s Next?

Yes! We too can repeat that little abstract noun endlessly, until it appears as the inevitable concrete reality of our times. Our good old friend, Tony, once even led (part of, at least)… Continue reading

The Back of the Bus is Closer to Home

Since the summer’s riots/looting there has been a steady increase in tension within our society. With the ever engaging sub-plot of the financial crisis, this tension has grown in glibness and has given… Continue reading

Animal Queendom

Now. Having been raised on a staple of wildlife shows, Michaela Strachan and various animal based cartoons (the animals of farthing wood, the racoons and quite possibly the moomins…) I like to think… Continue reading