South-East London Calling

Barely a day passes in South-East London without a new band threatening to take over the world. In fact they seldom do. Squeeze, John Paul Jones, Kate Bush and at a push The… Continue reading


Since the inception of satt we have written with an undercurrent narrative of the “jaded left”. This, I can only assure readers, is a result of where we are at personally, it is… Continue reading

John Terry: Whiter-Than-White?

John Terry simply must play at EURO 2012. He is top of the English Defence League after all. And yet his inclusion has sparked a public outcry. Yes Rio Ferdinand is perhaps over… Continue reading

A Liberal Loving Paradise

‘The Race For Life’ writes one Young Liberal, ‘is the only Sexist and Dicriminatory Charity Event.’   He stubbornly persists ‘men are not allowed … The website proudly boasts it’s the ‘largest women-only… Continue reading

Repressed Responsibility

Of late, as you may have noticed, I have written relatively little (ahem, diddly squat). There is good reason for this, honest! I have begun my slow ascent into the grey garb of… Continue reading


We all love Muller Corners. And we all know the best way to eat them don’t we? Say, for example, that you have a Strawberry Muller Corner. You peel back the lid, mix… Continue reading

The BNP: Standing Up For Multicultural Britain

Carlos Cortigllia is just “a poor boy, from a poor family”. I think I will stop quoting Queen there, as I don’t actually know about Carlos Corglia’s financial situations, and I don’t want… Continue reading

The Jeremy Hunt Poem

Hunt by Name, Hunt by Nature My name is Jeremy Hunt So I told my Advisor to have a punt This could be magnificent For if there’s trouble, I’ll take the brunt Of… Continue reading

Who’s Your Favourite Tory?

Here at sendawaythetigers we are a little conscious of the fact that sometimes we may produce biased and unbalanced accounts of modern love. With Leveson raising the issue of media fairness we decided… Continue reading

Send Them All To Stoke

Normally when I get a BNP leaflet through the door I put it in the Brown Recycling bin. They don’t like that. But their new London Mayoral ones are just so nice I… Continue reading