Too cool for cool

  Roughly six years ago my town centre was very different to the one that resides in the heart of Woolwich today. Then, the town square could be described as a square ring… Continue reading

The Realness

In 2003, one Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson was propelled to stardom on the back of a Dr Dre burner and a resume focused on his realness. This is not to say that 50… Continue reading

Prestatyn & Aberswyth NHS World Cup 2022

The Prestatyn and Aberswyth NHS Trust today announced plans to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. It is believed, largely by the Trust themselves, that this could bring in revenue upward of a… Continue reading

Didn’t We Have A Nice Time?

The Olympics was good wasn’t it? So good that, a mere week after it had finished, BBC1 decided to show the whole 3 hour Opening Ceremony again on a Saturday Afternoon. I started… Continue reading

The Last Crusade

Ideas have never been our strong point. A childhood wish of having Baked Beans for eyes wasn’t the best. But you know, that’s Heinz-sight for you. But we do like the idea of… Continue reading

My City Of Ruins

London 2012 is finally upon us. After nearly a decade of planning and preparation – a monumental effort that regardless of opinion deserves admiration – London, my hometown, is top of the world.… Continue reading

Culture Clash

Around a week or so I was in the middle of a muggy office, printing forms and daydreaming about nothing worth mentioning. I was on internship duty and the workload had everyone in… Continue reading

50 Grades Of O’Shea

Join Sunderland and Republic of Ireland defender John O’Shea, 31, as he goes back to school to finally finish his GCSEs. Thursday at 9, only on Channel 5. Jack Walter  

O2 Network Crash Leaves Thousands Breathless

Thousands of people nationwide have been left with no O2 service and are now consequently left suffocating to death. Scientists are desperately seeking a solution to this lack of Oxygen – plans to… Continue reading

Sendawaythetigers Existential Question Time

You may have noticed sendawaythetigers is on a slight sabbatical. The sole aim of SATT is to make intelligence fashionable again; we will never sacrifice quality for quantity. So, with life getting in… Continue reading