Scattershot Blots

Hey all, I know my virtual quill pen has dried up as of late but I have loads of good reasons for this that are only good because I will never tell you… Continue reading

‘It’s a Goal.’

In 1879 the British Empire met her darkest hour. The invasion of Zululand was in chaos after the Islandwhana debacle. Quickly the meagre 140 odd Redcoats stationed at the tiny outpost of Rorke’s… Continue reading

Graduation…The End of Life

For many this month, they will have sat their last ever exam at University. To quote a bedraggled, hairy man in Oxford Street’s advertising necklace of ridiculous proportions: ‘The End is Nigh’. I… Continue reading

Whitey Drums

Steve White has been a mainstay of British Popular Music for 3 decades now; his cultured drumming has graced the likes of Oasis and The Who, yet he is synonymous with Paul Weller… Continue reading

Richard Herring Picks

The Edinburgh Festival is almost upon us and with Live Comedy more popular than ever, we asked Richard Herring for his top choices and ones to watch from this year’s Fringe. And it looks… Continue reading

It’s a ‘grower’

The other day I was embroiled in a debate with two esteemed bloggers which brought up the topic of revisionism in music, more specifically in the case of Nas’ debut and sophomore releases.… Continue reading

Queen Bitch

In the year of Our Lord 871, a man named Alfred was declared King of Wessex. He was the first real Monarch of Britain as we now know it. He is also the… Continue reading

Aim High: Be One Percent

Steve Pilgrim is the eye-catching all-rounder in the Paul Weller band; he’s the Animal-esque drummer but also dabbles in acoustic guitars and vocals. Now the Liverpudlian musician – he’s an acclaimed solo artist… Continue reading

Matt Berry: The Voice

Matt Berry, star of shows such as The IT Crowd, Snuff Box and The Might Boosh, has possibly the most recognisable voice in Britain. He is the voice of Absolute Radio for example.… Continue reading

Feminism Exposed

Before reading please consider that… At sendawaythetigers we are proper journalists. Like Woodward & Bernstein or indeed Piers Morgan we aim to go that extra length to bring you the freshest angle on the… Continue reading