Richard Herring Picks June 7th 2012

The Edinburgh Festival is almost upon us and with Live Comedy more popular than ever, we asked Richard Herring for his top choices and ones to watch from this year’s Fringe. And it looks like 2012 will be a big year for Women in Comedy.

Whitey Drums June 7th 2012

Steve White has been a mainstay of British Popular Music for 3 decades now; his cultured drumming has graced the likes of Oasis and The Who, yet he is synonymous with Paul Weller after a stint in The Style Council and as a key player in his Solo crusade too. Since he stopped touring in 2007/8 the Bermondsey-born Musician has become a distinguished Producer. We’ve caught up with ‘Whitey’ to discuss his phenomenal career.

Aim High: Be One Percent (Steve Pilgrim Interview) May 30th 2012

Steve Pilgrim is the eye-catching all-rounder in the Paul Weller band; he’s the Animal-esque drummer but also dabbles in acoustic guitars and vocals. Now the Liverpudlian musician – he’s an acclaimed solo artist in his own right – has launched a Charity project called ‘Be One Percent’. Sendawaythetigers caught up with Steve to chat Charity, Music and Apologies.

Matt Berry: The Voice May 28th 2012

Matt Berry, star of shows such as The IT Crowd, Snuff Box and The Might Boosh, has possibly the most recognisable voice in Britain. He is the voice of Absolute Radio for example. But did you know he can sing? And play? Here we discuss his amazing 2011 album ‘Witchazel‘. Please do try to read it in his voice…

Richard Herring Answers February 10th 2012

Richard Herring the Comedian discusses Twitter, Edingburgh, his latest show and talks to us about his new Podcast series ‘Me1 vs. Me2 Snooker’.

‘Jagger’s Got A Fucking Knighthood…’ Interview with Thee Faction January 15th 2012

Thee Faction, the band that got stuck behind the Iron Curtain, are back with their unique blend of Socialism and RnB – Dr. Feelgood meets Citizen Smith if you will.