The Last Crusade

Ideas have never been our strong point. A childhood wish of having Baked Beans for eyes wasn’t the best. But you know, that’s Heinz-sight for you.

But we do like the idea of a ‘sendawaythetigers’ comeback.

‘Comeback’ is almost seen as a dirty word in 2012; especially if you misspell it.

Everyone is at it, from The Stone Roses to Blur.

The motives for a return have to be sound, possibly noble; The Stone Roses had to come back for a thousand reasons, and the resurrection has been met with universal acclaim.

However the fact that they deserve to in terms of merit alone, that their music defined a genre even, isn’t necessarily enough.

By that token you could suggest that Gary Glitter shines up his platform boots and squeezes into his pvc armour for one last hurrah.

At the same time you could ask Ian Huntley to dig out his secateurs (if there is one thing that you can say about Ian Huntley it’s that he’s a beautiful groundsman).

No. The reasons for a ‘sendawaythetigers’ comeback are primarily because we were good weren’t we?

You love us. A smart mix of wit and satire, life and nonsense, morals and thought.

There’s not a lot of that about online today.

Blogs and Fanzines are available to all and that means any wannabe scribe can pick up a keyboard and let loose.

Competition is consequentially another factor. Sabotage Times has 700,000 viewers per month. It’s contributors struggle to spell contributors and exist on Cock puns.

We want to provide an alternative.

In truth we’ve hardly been away – and writing this probably just confirms our delusions.

There’s been nothing new from us for a month or so now; mostly because real life has limited our activity.

But this is a call to arms.

There may be some changes – aesthetically possibly and hopefully more writers too (see the ‘Contact’ section to get in touch) – but our core team are committed to the cause.

This is our last crusade. No one’s listening anyway.