Scattershot Blots

Hey all, I know my virtual quill pen has dried up as of late but I have loads of good reasons for this that are only good because I will never tell you them. Yet, a lot has been happening in my life and yours. Even you hermits have a lot going on of late, days are longer! Anywho, here are a series of tenuously related topics that have come to mind while writing this woolly intro.

I haven’t read much at all of late and that includes my usual reader’s digest of politics, music and even football journalism. Aside from my life being interrupted by incredibly important obligations I have just read less. In the case of politics, I can only point to my increasing disenfranchisement with a system which resembles a local circus that lacks, aside from the odd chucked egg (which is always hilarious by the way), any real direction. More interesting are the measures quietly, and even loudly, introduced by the Tories. These have slowly roused me from my malaise. The first spark of interest was struck when some weeks back I was informed by the chief solicitor in the firm in which I intern that a major legal change would mean t hat we were busy. This change, unsurprisingly, was in immigration law. Without entering into specifics that I will tackle at a later date; this MAJOR shift reminded me that, if not only to remain informed for your own sake, politics is worth following (even through the chimp shit).

Music has been an odd one. In short, I could probably tie my lack of interest to the lack of interesting things being written about music. It only really occurred to me recently that, as much as I would enjoy sharing with people the new and old music that I am enjoying, other people already do such things and a rehash does nothing for anyone. The blogs that I frequent have become fewer and fewer in number due to a variety of different reasons, one of which I am sure involves the jaundice. The good music (and there has been a lot) that has been released so far this year has been good and even great in some cases, but they have featured a lack of talking points in comparison to last year. This is also interesting as the music last year was definitely patchier in quality. An active example of this is in Killer Mike and El-Ps joint LP, R.A.P. Music. It should have, in theory, prompted a great deal of discussion due to the disparate parts that formed the LP (Killer Mike is a Southern Outkast Affiliate likened to Ice Cube while EL-P is a legendary ‘hardcore’, progressive NY producer/emcee). This never happened. Everyone just agreed that it was excellent and reminded them of Ice Cube and The Bomb Squad’s Amerikkka’s Most Wanted, which it does. Ah well, hopefully an obnoxious artist gets everyone to write interesting “think pieces” that don’t really do anything.

I’ve been sloppy with my footy reading for wholly different reasons though. There’s almost TOO much great football coverage around. I especially love that Andy Townsend and his astute insights. Roy Keane’s sneer has been a highlight of the Euros. I always ask myself who is nicer out of Lineker and Giles and then remember they are both equally smarmy. One is a footy legend though so he gets the…err…nod. In all seriousness though, Messrs Jonathan Wilson, Michael Cox, Barney Ronay and Sid Lowe alone have me scrambling to watch match highlights to read missed pieces in their “proper” context. You should all definitely do the same in your precious free time.