Graduation…The End of Life

For many this month, they will have sat their last ever exam at University. To quote a bedraggled, hairy man in Oxford Street’s advertising necklace of ridiculous proportions: ‘The End is Nigh’. I was one of these many.

Basically this means my life is effectively over. Whilst if you never even went to university, it is likely you were never alive. At best I will have a job that I don’t hate, and that doesn’t kill me. At worst, I will be found like a Tory MP (understandably, some may argue this comes in the ‘best’ category); ultimately, however, I will be disgraced: morally, politically and sexually. You may select the order of degradation in which they stand.

It does represent something epoch-defining; a milestone in your path to certain and absolute death. Now it would be nice, really, really nice, to believe that things can, do and will get better. Yet, like in any surely-doomed relationship, there is a high point. When the arguments come few and far between; and when they do come they will be about how much your love each other. Whilst, you will of course be coming regularly. It is at this point that you forget that love is unquantifiable, and for that sole reason, love is not real. It is a metaphor; a figuration for sexual intercourse and self-esteem.

So as you stand at the quarter point of the average human life, be safe in the realisation that it is now over. Completely and truly dead. But it was, quite clearly, already over. For there is but one certainty in life: death.  So now that you know you are already deceased, you can go and live the rest of your life. Enjoy it, even.

Be creative. Be Happy. Have Fun. Just go and do something.

TSL - 19/06/2012