Richard Herring Picks

The Edinburgh Festival is almost upon us and with Live Comedy more popular than ever, we asked Richard Herring for his top choices and ones to watch from this year’s Fringe. And it looks like 2012 will be a big year for Women in Comedy.

Sarah Kendall Get Up Stand Up  World class stand up, sharp, wicked and understands how to push back the boundaries of taste and still be funny.

Lou Sanders And Now for a Nice Evening With Wallan This woman is probably genuinely insane, but it is good that she has channelled her madness into comedy. I think she will be the breakthrough act of this Fringe.

Helen Keen Robot Woman of Tomorrow Really enjoying her Radio 4 show “This is Rocket Science” – it’s great to see comedy that isn’t afraid to be smart and which doesn’t play to the lowest common denominator.

Bridget Christie War Donkey Consistently brilliant and consistently bonkers. Not afraid to take an idea and run with it to see where it goes, even if that means dressing up as an Ant or a dead monarch.

Katherine Ryan Nature’s Candy Last year’s show was one of my highlights of the Fringe. She’s quirky and maybe a bit goofy, but her 2011 show had the best denouement I’ve seen in years (and was packed with laughs).

Catie Wilkins Joy is my Middle Name Understated, but slyly smart and unexpectedly filthy for one who looks so demure.  I liked her so much that I married her.

Susan Calman This Lady’s Not For Turning Either  Simply one of the sharpest and wittiest comedians working in the UK. She also collects smurfs. What’s not to like?

Richard Herring will himself be taking his ‘Talking Cock’ show to Edinburgh. Tonight he will be previewing the show at the Slug & Lettuce in Islington. Catch him if you can – he’s Previewing it all over the land and Dates can be found here.

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