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Before reading please consider that… At sendawaythetigers we are proper journalists. Like Woodward & Bernstein or indeed Piers Morgan we aim to go that extra length to bring you the freshest angle on the most salient of subjects – remember our coverage on Syria for example? And sometimes this can involve strenuous research. We don’t always enjoy this. But we do it for you; it’s devotion. So for today’s topic I have meticulously covered every aspect of the story. I have read interviews. I have watched footage. And I have looked at numerous photos. Please remember now that not once did I enjoy myself. But I did it all for you. Enjoy. Because I didn’t…

The UK loves an Underdog. Eddie the Eagle. Tim Henman. The man who presents ‘Dragon’s Den’.

And we love nothing more than Political Underdogs.

Remember when Emily Davison bravely raced a Horse at the 1913 Epsom Derby to try and secure the Right to Vote? 99 years on and Horses still cannot legally vote.

And who can forget Fathers 4 Justice and their wacky Village People themed Terrorism?

Well similarly the Ukraine loves an Underdog and they have surpassed themselves.

Ukraine, alongside Poland, will be hosting Euro 2012. This will be a culmination of years of work – basically all with the sole aim of coping with English visitors.

They will have stocked up on Beer, Crisps (mainly Cheese and Onion), Police, a Stable for Andy Carroll, and the one thing that any Englishman cannot do without on Vacation – Prostitutes.

Because apparently that’s what everyone thinks of the English. We love a good Prostitute. We even tolerate bad ones. The Ukraine have (probably) been importing hordes of whores specifically for English consumption – tall ones, thin ones, old ones (Wayne Rooney), married ones (John Terry).

To combat this, the Ukraine has FEMEN.

FEMEN are a Feminist Ukrainian Protest Group against the growth of Sex Tourism that the Championships will undoubtedly bring.

FEMEN aim to tackle EURO 2012 by wrecking and interrupting Matches. Such a shame that John Motson no longer commentates.

The group largely consists of female students aged 18 to 21. Sasha Shevchenko, pictured below, is an example. Please remember I did not enjoy researching this. I am doing this for you.

It has since been pointed out to me that Sasha is Topless. This certainly seems at odds with a Pressure Group against Sex Tourism. In fact it serves more as a ‘Come To Ukraine For This Is How Our Women Look’ style advert – FEMEN have, in my opinion, boobed.

FEMEN’s weapon is their Sexuality – this will surely appeal to all chauvinists. But does this tactic hinder their message? Does it limit their seriousness?

Regardless they have still played the Media superbly – FEMEN is a huge deal in East Europe.

Yet more dull and mundane research revealed that, last year, The University of Moscow released a Nude Calendar in support of President Putin.

This stoked a large-scale debate (carefully chosen words) across the Region – the Ukrainian Consensus (according to the KievConnections blog ) was that ‘the political tits of Russia are much greater than other political tits, especially in comparison with the flat upper body of our democratic ‘beauties’ the women of FEMEN.’

This obviously hasn’t deterred FEMEN.

Yesterday (24th May) a FEMEN member (subtle pun) even tried to steal the EURO 2012 Trophy.

She received 5 days imprisonment. Surely this is immoral?

Feminism in Eastern Europe is rife and radical. Just look at the Pussy Riot example in Russia. I know I’ve made light of this situation but I hope this has opened your eyes to this struggle too.

However perhaps the weirdest thing to come of this is the Bottom Photo below. Just what are those little Orange Packages?

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