John Terry: Whiter-Than-White?

John Terry simply must play at EURO 2012. He is top of the English Defence League after all.

And yet his inclusion has sparked a public outcry.

Yes Rio Ferdinand is perhaps over the hill. But surely a big factor in his exclusion and possibly enforced International Retirement is the classic ‘John Terry racially abused my Brother’ Factor.

The FA have chosen ex-skipper Terry over ex-skipper Rio; as if John Terry was ever going to be black-listed?

With Steven Gerrard appointed Captain there is now no chance that Barking born John Terry can emulate his idol and lead an assault on Poland.

But John Terry has hardly been in great form himself. At Anfield recently he was shown-up and out-racisted Luis Suarez.

But he did score, almost inevitably, against his favourite team Blackburn. Redemption.

Upon receiving the Call-Up John Terry ordered a celebratory pint of Guinness. He then proceeded to only drink the white bit at the top.

John Terry’s jubilant mood was somewhat dampened after hearing that Peter Crouch had yet again been overlooked. John Terry would have loved to meet Abbey Clancy.

Of course all of this may seem a little sensationalist; John Terry remains innocent until proven guilty.

It is alleged that John Terry called Anton Ferdinand a ‘Black Cunt’ in a Chelsea/QPR match and the Court Case is due after the EURO’s.

It does seem peculiar that the Case has taken so long to be heard.

Apparently there is plenty of evidence, including a lip-reading expert. John Terry said this is highly unfair as Anton Ferdinand has far bigger lips than John Terry.

Yes. Ironically John Terry’s has no ‘whiter-than-white’ image.

But in spite of his furore, I’m convinced that John Terry will conduct himself in a professional and noble manner come June the 8th.

Remember after the original ‘Allegation’ was made? John Terry was stripped of the captaincy but played well against Sweden didn’t he? John Terry played well against 11 Aryan Scandinavians didn’t he?

John Terry’s conduct on the pitch has been called into question though – his red card against Spain proved John Terry has a problem with the wanker in the black.

It’s very hard to actually conclude an article like this. Blackout.

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