A Liberal Loving Paradise

‘The Race For Life’ writes one Young Liberal, ‘is the only Sexist and Dicriminatory Charity Event.’
He stubbornly persists ‘men are not allowed … The website proudly boasts it’s the ‘largest women-only fundraising event in the UK’ … excluding men from this is simply awful and I fail to see how it is allowed.’
To be honest you really ought to read the whole article. Treat yourself.
Because it is the single biggest, sadest, self-serving, pretentious, whiney, pathetic, odiuous, innane and depressing thing ever.
I mean fair enough in literal terms yes the Race For Life is Sexist by it’s very definition. But Fuck Off. Why would you even highlight that?
There’s loads of ways for men to fundraise for Cancer Research. I once did the Bobby Moore Run for them and only men were allowed to compete. Surely anything that get’s people to fundraise and highlights a Charity’s plight should be applauded?
But no. Liberals hate it. It’s Sexist and it shouldn’t be run at Blackheath because that’s racist too. In fact Breast Cancer itself is an Arsehole. What about us Blokes eh? Play fair or don’t play at all. And really the ‘Race For Life’ shouldn’t even be a Race should it? Because that breeds competitivness and will only lead to tears now.
The worst thing about these people existing is that they actually do.
The first line of the Race For Life article (written by this remnant of a Man, perhaps hurt and betrayed that he cannot legally parade around a public common in Pink and possibly wearing a Bra in the name of charity) includes the line ‘…the time of year has come around when … the birds are chirpier.’
Can you call them that? Can you call ladies ‘birds’ in today’s day? In the world of the Young Liberal you can’t and yet he has walked into his own tiny trap. But in the world he has created he won’t be punished. He’ll be therapised and soothed into being a better Human Being. And worst-case scenario he will still go to Prison but he’ll be able to vote, able to leave the compound and he’ll probably happily drop the soap because it will be someone else’s choice to rape him and he is all for choice and the freedom to do what you want even if it means he has to suffer a bit. And the whole time he is being raped (not raped because he has allowed it hasn’t he?) he will perched there crying and screaming ‘I just want to wear a Bra around a Public Common for Money, tell me is that so wrong?’
If you enjoyed the thought of a Liberal being not-raped in a showerroom then please give what you can to Cancer Research at www.cancerresearchuk.org even if you are a bloke.