Send Them All To Stoke

Normally when I get a BNP leaflet through the door I put it in the Brown Recycling bin. They don’t like that.

But their new London Mayoral ones are just so nice I can’t help myself. They entice you with that little Union Jack Love Heart on them and they’re new candidates loveable little Koala face. His name is Carlos Cortiglia and he is even a bit tanned.

So I read their Manifesto. Did you know they are keen to overturn the Smoking Ban? It’s a hot potato indeed.

They also insist Multiculturalism is to blame for last year’s Riots.

They are sort of right. Sort of. I think you could argue that it was partly due to the failure to integrate and implement Multiculturalism in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

But also a big factor was because Shop Windows are pointlessly lit up at night – a policy which not only is terrible for the environment but also literally highlighted what was available for potential looters cashing in on opportunity. But you don’t see the BNP trying to ban lights do you? Of course you don’t. Because lights are white aren’t they and stop darkness. Electric Lights are exactly what the BNP stand for and I think it’s a disgrace.

So I took a break from reading this dribble. I began to read The Sun instead.

Apparently Labour Controlled Newham Council – one of the poorest in the country and host to the Olympics –  have been accused of ‘Social Cleansing’.

According to the Newham Mayor, Benefit Caps mean that people can no longer afford to live Newham and that there simply isn’t enough Housing. So they are now being offered places 160 miles away in places like Stoke-on-Trent.

Grant Schapps the Tory Housing Minister retorted that there are nearly 1000 council homes in the area that fall within the Benefit Cap. Interestingly Grant Schapps is the Cousin of The Clash Guitarist Mick Jones.

But Isn’t Stoke-On-Trent the funniest place you could send ‘Undesirables’? It’s like they’ve made Jim Davidson a Special Advisor.

This crowns a bad week for the people of Coventry. After relegation from the Championship, now they will also have to create an expensive Tourism Department to coerce visitors; this surely signals the end of ‘sending people to Coventry’.

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