Feel Good Statues

Now everyone loves a good statue don’t they? There’s literally hundred of them standing chirpily around London Town, from Beau Brummell and Bobby Moore to the undeserving likes of Laurence Olivier and (loads of) Shakespeare.

But they’re sadly all of pretty average height. I love a big statue me.

Of course there’s Nelson’s Column (quiet at the back) but he’s not a big statue is he? They just put him on a big pedestal.

Outside of London they have ‘The Angel Of The North’. No-one knows where or when this appeared, or even why, but it is clearly a representation of Cheryl Cole – all tanned and wooden.

But there are interesting plans afoot to build a brand new 300ft high statue in the UK.
Not in London no. In the cultural bandit country of Southend; home of the moody blues.
So now you’re wondering of ‘who’? David Beckham? Simon Cowell? Philip Schofield perhaps?

Lee Brilleux was the frontman of Dr. Feelgood; the first punk band and one of the most crucial groups in British History. Their hits like ‘Roxette’, ‘She Does It Right and ‘Keep It Out Of Sight’ brought Rock’n’Roll back to the Working Classes at a time when it had become the hobby of the intellectual.

‘Brilleaux’ always resplendent in his trademark grubby brilliant-white blazer personified the energy and passion that the band oozed, and is a local hero.

As such, contemporary artist and Dr Feelgood fan Scott King would like to commemorate Brilleaux – who died tragically in 1994 – by erecting a 300ft gold-plated statue of the musician on the foreshore in Southend-on-Sea close to the legendary Kursaal where the band played some of their most important gigs.

In a time when nothing is good – even ITV’s Titanic is awful (and very predictable too) – a silly little story like this is something quite wonderful.

At the moment there’s more ‘Art’ in a Burger King than the British Museum – Imagine a 300ft high gold-plated statue of someone not really even mainstream – it would be tacky yet beautiful; it ought to get more tourists than Buckingham Palace.

So sign the petition here. You know it makes sense…

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