Oh The Humanity

Today, the world we live in is a morphing glob of different cultures, ideas and intolerance; each of which has been assimilated and adopted by greater globs.  This is despite the fact said blob, or glob if you are prone to pedantry, is constantly warping and ever changing. Yet somehow, it remains the same within itself.

Humanity, since the dawn of time, has proven itself to be a similar creed of contradiction throughout the ages. I could provide you with a breadth of examples which, if placed side by side, would form a clear path through time into the narcissist bowels of King Herod.

This is not to say that our society has seen scant progress, it just reminds us of the other week when the bloke in your local, moth-eaten boozer surrendered all of his half eaten combination kebab onto the shirt you’re grandma knitted with her arthritic digits. Our nature as creatures is driven by our needs and the ethos which we employ to supplement these requirements. The green glob of desire, I remember, made an assertive cameo on Goosebumps and it scared me as much then as it does now.

This is a big deal for me as despite the vast halcyon of knowledge that we have amassed throughout the ages, we still make the same mistakes and, more or less, hanker to the same desires as we did as guttural swamp men. Our core, soul or nature, depending on your orientation, can be described as the reason for our evergreen desires. What can be described as childish desires are present in varying forms at all levels of society, they are just dressed in different costume. I know I said I wouldn’t riddle this piece with a number of examples of why we are cunts but I have a quality contrast! RBS’s acquisition of ANB Amro is the ultimate showcase of the kind of dick-measuring you might find between teenagers but in a corporate environment.

This all begs the question, were we and are we all born as needy, jealous types who conceptually created altruism, but who are doomed to never fulfil its definition? When we actually unravel the majority of “definitions” we stumble into another lexical trap in trying to discern objectivity. What makes it worse is that we rarely, as a community both locally and internationally, seek to really understand our nature. This results in a league of half hearted, muddled attempts at solutions of long standing problems.

Our fundamental nature, if I am fair, has changed somewhat. Perhaps humanity can be considered the well brought up 10 year old who is still selfish and clever enough to give without losing and gain without guilt. I loathe to think of how humanity might cope in the awkward teenage years; we are clearly a long way from maturity. Our local societies are horribly disjointed as they are, thus any attempts in their current forms to solve problems worldwide can only fall flat on their face after a curious attempt at removing the training wheels of life.

I am aware that this sounds terribly pessimistic but I mean to bring awareness for the need of growth within our society. The need for growth is why we all should be balking when our policies on the NHS and Education are clearly tripping over themselves backwards. Growth requires tangible progress but, what our current government consider and advertise as progress is clearly farcical. Their priorities are rooted deeply in the financial (which is to be expected of a tory government). However, the word prioritise is key here. They do not consider education, for example, as a priority, much less a necessity. Our prior government failed to plan for growth and we now have a society stuck in the undergrowth.


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