Guns In The Collection Plate

I am entirely aware of how trite it is to talk about Americans (from the USA) and guns but there is something binding about their existences. It is almost as if without one, the other would cease to exist. In fact, I am certain of this newly crowned fact. No, scratch that, by Americans I mean noisy, overzealous types who’s modus operandi is to spread the gospel with a Jack Daniels soaked Colt. 45. In fact, I wish to round off this fact by declaring that guns are – to white Evangelical Americans in the Deep South – what bombs are to Islamic Terrorists. Just as the suicide bomb is the symbol of Islamic extremism, the gun is now the symbol of Christian extremism, albeit in a completely antipodal context.

America of course has a relationship with guns which is bound to their very existence. They are, by constitutional law, inseparable; amendments could be made to the law but it would not remove the currency of weaponry which pervades a country as unwieldy as a shotgun with one’s laces tied. Curiously, this has not stopped states such as New York from employing a team of dark suited, grey eyed, super lawyers who have neutered the right to bear arms. Rudy Giulliani infamously stood at the forefront of this legal squadron and succeeded in at least enforcing a trial separation period with guns. Giulliani took aim at guns in an effort to stymie the creeping criminality and murder which coloured New York’s crack error a blood stained grey.

It must be asked, if this was possible in New York, why has the Deep South refused to take heed? There are of course many reasons for this, but the overriding one is that numerous factors have created a society (in the South) that has a much more intimate relationship with arms. This has clearly been illustrated by the cavalcade of tragedies which not only failed to trigger any kind of change, actually reinforced the concept of a gun as a shield.

In my opinion, this very kind of conceptual lunacy exhibits the kind of thinking we should avoid at all costs in any society. One of the more grave errors which has lead to this warped thinking can be pinned to the facilitation of demagogues who have become more and more powerful with each passing year. The Bill O’Reilly’s, Rush Limbaugh’s and other Tea Party Commentators are incomparable in their influence to the high-brow comedy of the Daily Show for example. Jon Stewart distances himself from a role as an active political commentator on the largely vacant left side of the media. Fox Network has an extremely valuable economic grip on the hearts and minds of those on the Right.

Unlike their counterparts in the UK (the closest being in print form, The Daily Mail) the right wing commentators do not even attempt to wrap their hateful spiel in good English and witticisms. No, they add a bit of Hollywood to proceedings! Their most powerful weapon remains a chimeric combination of Christianity and Patriotism which fosters an environment for the trigger happy. Like those who they combated in the “War On Terror”, they do truly believe they are fighting a Holy War; they hold such an incomprehensible fear of others that they have seriously demanded Obama’s birth certificate. We should all give thanks (to Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Richard Dawkins) that Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum are probably going to be too bloodied to defeat Obama this year. Clearly the combination of Guns and God is not a match made in heaven, and this is from a Christian.


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