February 29th Facts

Apparently Gary Glitter was born on February the 29th. To his mind he is only 14 and doesn’t see what all the fuss is about.

February the 29th is David Beckham’s favourite day because it is the only time Victoria lets Gary Neville around for Tea.

On February the 29th, everyone in Denmark is obliged to at least try Dick Van Dyke’s Cockney accent.

Apparently every February the 29th John Terry visits Blackburn to attend the quad-annual meeting of the ‘I take place names too literal and came here under the wrong assumption’ club. Allegedly.  

Every February the 29th Simon Cowell watches Brokeback Mountain just in case.

Vanessa Feltz exclusively reserves her February the 29ths for having vajazzles.

February the 29th  is the only day that The Daily Mail uses a foreign sounding font.

Apparently every Febraury the 29th Nick Clegg masturbates-to-tears over a picture of himself.

On February the 29th all postmen are legally entitled to read every fourth letter and decide whether it is worth the hassle actually of posting.

Apparently every February the 29th the people of Cockburn see a Doctor.  

February the 29th is the only day Louis Walsh goes to a HMV.  

Every February the 29th Prince Charles pretends he is worthwhile.  

February the 29th was invented in 2003 when the BBC panicked that John Barrowman needed an extra day of exposure.

February the 29th is national Philip Schofield day in Switzerland.

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