Fabio’s Got The World In Motion

Fabio Capello has been a very naughty boy. He’s also been very inconsiderate too. For, despite the furore around John Terry definitely being a racist, the European Championships had hardly graced the news. We’ve been so over saturated with the Olympics and The Royal Family that everyone, even The Sun, seemed to forget that England are set to compete for glory in Poland and Ukraine this June.

‘We’ve seen it all before’ Baddiel & Skinner famously sung 16 years ago. There will now be 6 months of chest-beating, face-painting and ‘God Save The Queening’ to the point that when we actually arrive in Poland and Ukraine we genuinely believe we will be European Champions.

Only to then, 2 or 3 weeks later, see us fail spectacularly in the quarter finals (if we’re lucky).

But this year we do have a real hope of success. We have some of the best young talent around, Steven Gerrard has one great tournament left in him, and the emergence of Scott Parker really gives us hope.

John Terry Gate is a set back; He’s always wanted to lead his lads into Poland like his heroes before him. However John Terry will still play centre-half at the Euros of course. He is top of the English Defence League; Joleon Lescott has oddly played himself into second positon, making EDL meetings fraught.

But now we are managerless as Fabio Capello becomes the second Italian to jump ship in as many months. So who will lead us to glory? Inevitably it will probably be Stuart Pearce, although personally I would like to see Martin O’Neil given a short-term contract for the finals. We can discuss the long-term afterwards.

But the sad thing is that ultimately I couldn’t care less. Where once I would sit anxiously praying for Teddy Sheringham to find the net or Gary Neville to make that block, I now find myself waiting 90 minutes to chastise the team. I just don’t enjoy watching England. And this has nothing to do with Andy Townsend’s inane analysis; I just can’t connect with the players.

As a Charlton Athletic fan it’s fair to say that our demise has helped contribute to this viewpoint – football at this low level (and even in The Championship to an extent) seems so much purer and free from greed that sometimes just watching England’s Prima Donna’s (most of whom form-wise don’t deserve to play) is often a horrible dirty experience, much like internet pornography.

I also have very little patriotism left in me as I grow older although a nice quick victory in The Falklands II: Return Of The Argentines should do me wonders.

Ultimately though I know I will end up watching the Euros. I know I will buy an England top from Sports World (for I do look good in Red after all) and I know I will be sad when we fall at an early hurdle. If only because I love any and every opportunity to hear John Barnes rap.

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