Throne Out

I would hope that you are all familiar with Michael Gove. I have included a picture below just in case. Normally I would describe the old Tory with his ill-fitting inside-out vomit inducing face in such a manner that you would already hate him. But not today. I want you to make your own opinions on him before we continue. Ready? OK/GO.

Michael Gave The Queen a Boat - Sadly Not The Titanic...

Now. Michael Gove is the current Conservative Secretary for Education. This isn’t about that (although why you’d put someone who’s very surname is a grammatical error in charge of education is beyond me [it should be ‘Michael gave…’]).

The other day he wrote a letter on my behalf (and yours) to the Conservative ‘Culture’ Secretary saying how lovely it would be if the taxpayer bought The Queen a boat for one of her birthdays or something.

Personally I have never bought a boat. Yet I imagine them to be rather expensive and probably the last thing that an 80 year old lady wants.

The only boat that I would like to give her is one helmed by an Italian.

But this highlights two massive issues.

Firstly it shows just how out of touch the Tories are with society (something a lot of them don’t even believe in remember).

The second point is just how much the obsolete Royal Family costs to run; The Queen’s Civil List costs £7.9 million a year yet it comprises people she won’t even have ’round for tea.

I’ve recently started  work in the NHS. I know what that money could do and I’m sure that you do too. Perhaps we could ask the 2.whatever million unemployed how it would help them?

The Royal Family is an inbred elitist dinosaur that should have been abandoned sometime after WWI. When was the last time they did anything of relevance (The King’s Speech doesn’t count)? Buckingham Palace would make lovely council houses.

Perhaps I am wrong; many thousands enjoyed the Royal Wedding. But then again many thousands enjoy Coldplay and Racism (not at the same time, they hate the thought of it all being yellow).

Constitutionally they offer nothing. Morally they offer even less. So let’s get rid of them.

But let’s wait until after Philip returns from his next Aboriginee trip first eh?

(Join me next week when we discuss appropriate gifts for an 80 year old…)