The Joys Of Twitter

Some nine months ago my iron defences aged, my resistance to friends’ badgering fell and I became a member of the “twitterverse” (as some cool cats affectionately describe it, not me though). The defences clambered to the earth just as they did when I joined Myspace, and subsequently, Facebook. What followed when I joined twitter, unlike its peer social sites, was a deluge of activity which has managed to coil itself around my life on an almost constant, continuous daily basis. Unlike its direct competition in Facebook Twitter encourages activity where Facebook has descended into elevator jazz, a life sucker rather than enhancer. Where Facebook is saddled with the excess baggage of public relationships, family and general social politics; Twitter is simultaneously less of you and more of you as a person, quietly this is a fantastic achievement.

I had been, as an old man is, incredibly and unreasonably averse to the “glorified status update” of Twitter. Why would I want to be harassed by a bunch of strangers? Besides, I had a degree to finish. Facebook was already a huge distraction, reducing me to a crack fiend waiting for the next overly loud gong of conversation to greet me at two in the morning. In fairness, the “point of twitter” is hard to describe coherently, it’s not until getting to grips with it that you realise its inner beauty (there’s no euphemism there I promise).

Nevertheless, I will attempt to convert those of you who have managed to read this far.  Twitter encourages an unhinged look into your own stream of consciousness. Of course, if it was merely a long monologue it would get tired fairly quickly. The longevity is provided by your ‘followers’ who are like minded individuals who find you interesting, and conversely, might find interesting. And thus, with the never ending wave of “trending topics” a whale of a time is had. Worried about your mother spying on your musings and awkward pictures on Facebook? Twitter provides an escape by removing the wheelchair binding paranoia.

The genius in this pseudo community also lies in the truly global nature of it, a true opportunity to communicate with the famous, who had seemed (and still probably are) in another galaxy. This provides a very sly way for those such as myself who have turned their noses up at the likes of OK Magazine. This brings me on to the final clincher (or at least the last one I can think of). Twitter has now become the premier news hub usurping all reliable sources. The speed at which good and bad news travels is astounding, even if it does struggle with maintaining accuracy. The implications of this place an important pressure on the media corporations and their notorious manipulation of news. It distils and returns the method of traditional news transfer i.e. word of mouth, but on a global scale.

As great as all the banter is on Twitter this is likely the true achievement of a medium which is still rapidly expanding. Many people are still, understandably sceptical, but I tell them: You see all that wasted time you spend rifling through old pictures (ahem, stalking) on Facebook? You’ll just spend that spilling your thoughts and discussing daily events on Twitter. I know which website I prefer these days…Check me @V_Babs